1/2 oz. Echinacea Tincture (Echinacea pallida)

Made with herbs & ingredients from the Driftless Iowa

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Shipping within US Available. Made from wild harvested Echinacea right here on our farm, from our ecologically managed prairie, right here in Driftless Iowa.

All herbal products are personally handcrafted and priority sourced from right here in the Driftless of Iowa, either through wildcrafting or home grown on-site at Jupiter Ridge Farm (a Certified Naturally Grown farm). Each is made thoughtfully and intentionally in small batches, and are almost always products that the resident herbalist uses in her own personal life for cooking, nutritive use, self-care, and more. Live locally in Driftless or Eastern Iowa? Inquire about delivery or pick up options and to join our email list for exclusive first local access to products or updates.

Contact Adrian White to join email list or with any questions about this product. You can also book an herbalist educational consultation (online or in-person) to learn more about how to use this product and other herbs for self-care.