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Honeyed Flowers in Jar | Deer Nation Herbs

Adrian White | Herbalist

Freelance Writer | Author | Farmer

Health, Agriculture, Sustainability,
Food, Nutrition, Herbalism

Co-owner Jupiter Ridge Farm
 | Organic Farmer since 2009 
Owner Deer Nation Herbs | Certified Herbalist since 2012
Upwork Portfolio | Contently Portfolio
adrian@iowaherbalist.com |  jupiterridgefarm@gmail.com
35217 Jupiter Rd. Garber, Iowa 52048


Herbalism: Plants and Potions That Heal | Available by preorder from:
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Jupiter Ridge Farm (January 2017-Present) – Web Design, Marketing, Content Management, Social Media Management, CSA Newsletter/Blog Writing

Jupiter Ridge Farm Facebook
Jupiter Ridge Farm Instagram

Supervising Writer
Supervising Writer – longest-running freelance client.  Specialized in astrology readings, procured fresh copy daily, promoted to position of Supervising Writer within less than a year for AstrologyAnswers.com.  Given task to overlook, review, correct, edit work, and handle team of writers; dealt with more difficult customers and clients through the company, all while working on unique marketing pieces.

Echollective Farm & CSA (2011-2014) – Articles/Newsletters/Brochure/Web Content only between 2011 and late 2013
Field Manager, Administrator, CSA Administrator, Newsletter Writer, Blogger – writing weekly articles informing organic farm members of the weekly produce they receive, as well as farm updates/important information about farm developments.  Includes recipes and nutritional information for members to use with their produce.  Farm Manager for the farm operation itself during that time.

Herbal Sinus Rinse Tincture | Iowa Herbalist
Photo Credit: Adrian White


University of Minnesota, Morris (2007-2009)
Completed partial  Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish language, including a 12 credit, fully-immersed internship to South American for Food, Agriculture, and Latin American Studies with a completed thesis.

California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism – Charles Garcia (2012-2013)
Basic training and knowledge on all things herbalism.  Coursework on 100+ uses of medicinal plants and how to treat both common and chronic ailments, from colds and flus to diabetes and cancer.  Certification upon completion.

Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine – Stephany Hoffelt, Naturally Simple Living (2013-2014)
Basic training and knowledge on all things herbalism, and more.  Practice of herbalism in a clinical setting, along with in-depth education on anatomy, physiology, material medica of 100+ more herbs, along with nutrition and protocol training for potential clients.  Curriculum formed for the aspiring herbalist headed towards AHG Registered Herbalist status.  Certification upon completion.


Essential Herbal Magazine (2014-2015)
Contributed articles on herbal topics for audiences around the country, #1 print folk herbalist magazine in the nation.  Furnished articles including recipes and in-depth discussion on herbal healing and experiences.

Wild Rose Hips | Iowa Herbalist
Photo Credit: Adrian White