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Lettuce Babies | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Adrian White | Professional Freelancer
Writer, Marketing, Social Media
Health, Agriculture, Gardening, Sustainability
Food, Nutrition, Herbalism

Co-owner Jupiter Ridge Farm |
Organic Farmer since 2009 
Owner Deer Nation Herbs | Certified Herbalist since 2012
Upwork Portfolio | Contently Portfolio
wordcraft88@gmail.com | deernationherbs@gmail.com | jupiterridgefarm@gmail.com
35217 Jupiter Rd. Garber, Iowa 52048


Young Midwestern Farmers Want To Grow Sustainable Food – But They Need Help | The Guardian

Farm Life Isn’t As Idyllic As It Looks on Instagram – But I Still Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything | Rodale’s Organic Life (Moved to Good Housekeeping)

Why Supporting Regenerative Agriculture is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health | Rodale’s Organic Life (Request For Clip Sample)

6 Best Hoop Houses and Greenhouse for Growing Your Own Food Year Round | Rodale’s Organic Life (Moved to Good Housekeeping – Piece Placed for Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse)

Can You Still Trust the USDA Certified Organic Label? | Rodale’s Organic Life (Request for Clip Sample)

The Coming Agricultural Crisis – And 8 Things You Can Do About It Right Now | Rodale’s Organic Life (Request for Clip Sample)

A Land Trust Asks Farmers to Change Their Ways | Civil Eats


Westar Seeds International (March 2018-Present) – Contributing Content Writer, Copywriter, Technical Writer

LawnStarter (May 2019-Present) – Contributing Writer/Reporter

Primal Herb LLC (July 2016-Present) – Contributing Writer
Regular writer of product description articles, content, and blog articles for herbal supplement company (focusing on products like reishi, cordyceps, jiao-gu-lan, and more for promoting health and wellness).

Reishi Cracked Shell Spores
Maitake is the Best Mushroom for a Powerful Immune System
How to Promote Healthy Aging with This One Mushroom
Natural Ways That Will Help with Rheumatoid Arthritis 
How to Relieve Anxiety with This Herbal Combination
How to Restore the Immune System with Ashwagandha

(for more examples of my Primal Herb contributions, please contact me for specific samples/clips – or check out my Upwork or Contently Portfolio)

Healthline (April 2017-November 2018) – Regular Contributor

Try This: 25 Supplements for Anxiety
11 Benefits of Burning Sage, How to Get Started, and More
Can You Use Turmeric to Help Treat Depression?
Can Aloe Vera Juice Treat IBS?

Can You Use Essential Oils for Bug Bites?
Are Phytoestrogens Good for You
What Are the Health Benefits of Eleuthero?
Can Peppermint Oil Benefit Your Hair?
What Is Acerola Cherry?
Can Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

(for more examples of my Healthline contributions, please contact me for specific samples/clips – or check out my Upwork or Contently Portfolio)

Flowers of the Herbalist | Deer Nation Herbs


Jupiter Ridge Farm (January 2017-Present) – Web Design, Marketing, Content Management, Social Media Management, CSA Newsletter/Blog Writing

Informed by my training and experience in content writing, copywriting, social media, marketing, and SEO with clients past and present, my management of online marketing for my organic farm (Jupiter Ridge LLC) has launched our enterprise (diverse vegetables and mushrooms for farmers market, CSA, restaurant, etc.) to be one of the most in-demand organic farms in eastern/northeastern Iowa today – owing not only to its very high quality product and customer service, but its stellar online presence as well.

Jupiter Ridge Farm Facebook
Jupiter Ridge Farm Instagram

Steward (January 2019-March 2019) – Lead Marketing, Contributing Content Writer, Contributing Copywriter, Social Media Manager


Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse (Nov. 2016-July 2018) – Contributing Writer, Copywriter, Technical Writer
Regular writer for greenhouse retail website, various greenhouse growing kits including light deprivation – educational and how-to articles that funnel to products. Putting together blog posts through WordPress and other platforms. Writing content for technical guides.

Regenis: Anaerobic Digesters (April 2017-July 2017) – Article Writer/Reporter

California Digester Grant Program Re-Opens for Applications
Bipartisan Agriculture Environmental Stewardship Act Introduced in U.S. Senate

California Digester Grants On Hold

Foodal | Gardener’s Path (Jan. 2016-March 2017) –Contributing Writer, Blogger, Contributing Editor, Photographer, Social Media

Writer and contributing editor with some social media and photography contributions to the food and review blog Foodal, and the similar gardening/outdoor lifestyles themed blog Gardener’s Path. Responsible for creating content, writing SEO-optimized articles, editing of other writers’ articles, formatting and putting together layout of WordPress posts and recipes, creation of posting guides, and management of Pinterest social media.

Mindable (Nov. 2013-Jan. 2016) – Marketing Pieces/Supervising Writer
Supervising Writer – longest-running freelance client.  Specialized in astrology readings, procured fresh copy daily, promoted to position of Supervising Writer within less than a year for AstrologyAnswers.com.  Given task to overlook, review, correct, edit work, and handle team of writers; dealt with more difficult customers and clients through the company, all while working on unique marketing pieces.

Echollective Farm & CSA (2011-2014) – Articles/Newsletters/Brochure/Web Content only between 2011 and late 2013
Field Manager, Administrator, CSA Administrator, Newsletter Writer, Blogger – writing weekly articles informing organic farm members of the weekly produce they receive, as well as farm updates/important information about farm developments.  Includes recipes and nutritional information for members to use with their produce.  Farm Manager for the farm operation itself during that time.

Other Notable Clients

Acabonac Farms
Bountiful Bird
Dominique Le Stanc
Eva McLaurin | Food Undressed!
Gardening Know How
International Association of Wellness Professionals
Kilo Health
Natural Health Sherpa
Nutrition Scientific
Tony’s Fruit Stand


University of Minnesota, Morris (2007-2009)
Completed .5 of a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish language, including a 12 credit, fully-immersed internship to South American for Food, Agriculture, and Latin American Studies with a completed thesis.

California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism – Charles Garcia (2012-2013)
Basic training and knowledge on all things herbalism.  Coursework on 100+ uses of medicinal plants and how to treat both common and chronic ailments, from colds and flus to diabetes and cancer.  Certification upon completion.

Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine – Stephany Hoffelt, Naturally Simple Living (2013-2014)
Basic training and knowledge on all things herbalism, and more.  Practice of herbalism in a clinical setting, along with in-depth education on anatomy, physiology, material medica of 100+ more herbs, along with nutrition and protocol training for potential clients.  Curriculum formed for the aspiring herbalist headed towards AHG Registered Herbalist status.  Certification upon completion.


Essential Herbal Magazine (2014-2015)
Contributed articles on herbal topics for audiences around the country, #1 print folk herbalist magazine in the nation.  Furnished articles including recipes and in-depth discussion on herbal healing and experiences.

Wild Rose Hips | Iowa Herbalist