Jupiter Ridge 2019 CSA | Week 19 (Final Week!)

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Hey CSA People!

It’s our last week of CSA already. Wow!

As promised (and as part of your subscription share), your last delivery will be a big DOUBLE share full of all the final offerings we can get you as our season comes to a close. (To be more specific: we will give you DOUBLE of all items we have, save shiitake mushrooms and a few specialty items we will be including!)

This will include:

  • Dried Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Dried Tomatoes
  • Dried Basil
  • Tatsoi Asian Greens New!
  • Double Share Potatoes (Kennebec and Fingerling Potatoes)
  • Double Share Mixed Squash (Two Acorns, One Butternut)
  • Double Share Winter Radish Medley (Purple & White Daikons, Watermelon Radishes)
  • Double Share Parnips
  • Double Share Baby Carrots
  • Double Share Rutabagas
  • Double Share Garlic
  • Double Share Yellow Storage Onions
  • Double Share Shallots

We hope all these foods arrive at the perfect time for your Thanksgiving cooking plans!

Onions | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Though we didn’t have greens for you last week (unless you count parsley as a green!), we’re ensuring that you have some greenery in your very last share to enjoy before true winter sets in (or, when true winter comes back, depending on how you look at it).

This week features tatsoi, an Asian green that is delicious cooked (much like kale) but can also be used raw in salads, much like spinach but with a sharper, cleaner flavor. It’s flavors combine well with ginger, daikon radishes, sesame, soy, and other Asian seasonings. We hope you enjoy exploring with it and working with it!

We also have some dried goods for you to enjoy thanks to our big industrial digital dehydrator!

Note: this last double Thanksgiving share will come in a food-grade wax produce box. This will be our last delivery to the Cedar Rapids area, so leaving your cooler out for us to pick it up one last time will save us a trip next week after the holidays!

Thank you – we super appreciate it!

Butternut Squash | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Stay tuned for more details about our Cedar Rapids CSA 2020 sign up for next year! We’ll be putting out a blog post with all the info you’ll need to sign up in advance (if you like) and keep the good stuff going for next year.

And on that note: for next year, we’re open to any feedback, requests, and comments on how to better improve our CSA!

We would especially be curious for would-be (and current) members next year if there is any interest or desire for a centralized CSA pickup in Cedar Rapids, if that would work better for some. (Even if you are just stumbling on this article and would like to sign-up for a centralized CSA pickup next year rather than a CSA doorstep delivery, get in touch and we can discuss details for next year!)

Thank you again so much for participating in our CSA. It’s been a huge pleasure growing local, organic, and healthy, whole food for our eastern and Driftless Iowa community! Your subscription, participation, and support is a huge help to us and we hope to continue going strong for years and years to come.

We love being your farmers. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Warm Regards,
Adrian & Will | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Sunset on the Farm | Jupiter Ridge Farm