Herbalism: Plants & Potions That Heal | My First Book on Herbalism Comes Out Soon!!!

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Hey there followers and subscribers! I know I haven’t written many new posts… (I hope for that to change – but as you’ll see soon, I’ve been quite busy!)… BUT, my first book on herbalism is coming out this NOVEMBER… on the 1ST! That’s only 1 week away!

If you want to preorder it or buy it eventually after the publication date, here are the links you can follow to snatch up a book of your very own!

Herbalism: Plants and Potions That Heal | Available by preorder from:

Barnes and Noble
Google Books
More Options

HOWEVER!!!…you could get one for FREE because I’m also doing a FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! I have FIVE free beautiful books that would LOVE new homes on the bookshelves of either an experienced herbalist or total newbie— this book is great for both. It’s a GORGEOUS small hardcover book: you can slip it in a large coat pocket or have it live in your purse. It has beautiful golden embossed pages, drawings, and cover print that will really pop out on your bookshelf!

The book is being published by Arcturus Publishing, and I couldn’t be happier with the way the book was designed and its appearance – it’s a beauty! It’s a small guide that gives you a FULL introduction to learning herbalism: harvesting herbs, making preparations, the energetics of herbs (one of my faves!), some history, monographs on specific herbs, contributions from herbalists/experts/chefs, and lots more.

It’s also a great addition to the reading and studying of already well-practiced herbalists! I would also imagine its a perfect book to choose for your herbalist course, if you teach one, to get your new students acquainted with and started on the learning path: it’s compact, rich with information, but light, breezy reading.

To enter the giveaway: please check out my social media pages on the right hand side to learn how to participate! THE DEADLINE to put in entries is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! (10/26)! Depending on the social media platform, to participate in the giveaway is summarized by these following ways to put in entries:

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I hope you enjoy happy reading and happy learning! In time I hope to write more books on the subject…this is only the beginning!

Jupiter Ridge 2019 CSA | Week 17

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Hi CSA Members!

Finishing up a late night prepping all your food for your CSA deliveries (as well as restaurant deliveries) to Cedar Rapids tomorrow. For this very reason, we’ll be keeping this newsletter a bit short (we’re tired!) but we’re happy to share this week’s upcoming CSA share list with you so you can know what to look forward to ahead of time…and hear a few updates on the farm, too.

What to expect this week:

  • Kale Mix (Small Leaf)
  • Spinach Bunch
  • Purple Potatoes
  • Acorn Squash
  • Garlic
  • Yellow Storage Onions
  • Parsnips
  • Orange Carrots
  • Winter Radish Medley
  • Rutabagas New!
Winter Radishes | Jupiter Ridge Farm

This lineup does indeed look like a wintery bunch, doesn’t it? Especially with the snow that’s been blanketing the ground as of late (though it’s come so early!) our CSA delivery this week is particularly chock-full of the more “classic” fall/winter root crops than ever before: parsnips, potatoes, squash, storage radishes, and our newest veggie for you to enjoy: rutabagas!

We hope you enjoy them all during this cold weather – and we highly recommend (most of all!) that you roast up a nice medley of these winter roots to warm you up on these cold nights – like the colorful one pictured below. It’s one of our autumn favorites!

Roasted Root Medley | Jupiter Ridge Farm
Sliced butternut squash, purple daikon radishes, chioggia beets, scarlet turnips, and watermelon radishes ready to go into the oven for roasting.

Or do you have your own recipes or ideas in mind? We’d love to hear them – and even post them here if you like!

We’ll see you tomorrow – and very much look forward to delivering to our awesome members for these last few weeks before Thanksgiving!

Warmest Regards,
Adrian & Will | Jupiter Ridge Farm