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Adrian White | Iowa Herbalist

Adrian White is a food, agriculture, health, nutrition, herbalism, farming, gardening, and sustainability freelance writer since 2012. She is a regular contributor to Rodale’s Organic Life and Healthline, with bylines in The Guardian and Civil Eats on sustainable ag subjects.

Get in touch with Adrian for your writing projects related to food, agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, herbalism, and everything in-between – or beyond. 

Email her: wordcraft88@gmail.com and visit her portfolio page – or feel free to view her portfolios and/or hire her through Upwork or Contently.

Projects to hire Adrian for:

  • Journalism – News-worthy articles, features, reported pieces, and more for large publications – promoting regenerative ag, food, herbalism, health, sustainability, and everything in between/beyond
  • Herbal, plant-based, health-related recipe development – Some of her recipes have inspired and been mentioned by celebrity lifestyle blogs
  • Web/Other Content – Web or other content and copy related to above listed subjects
  • E-books – Ghostwritten e-books related to above subjects
  • SEO-strategized blog articles – For high ranking on search engines related to above subjects (WordPress skills included for formatting posts, etc.)
  • Technical writing – Related to above
  • Product descriptions – Related to above
  • Promotional/marketing copy – Related to above (including social media, ads, emails, etc.)

Adrian White’s ultimate goal with clients – regardless of the content being SEO-strategized articles, web copy, e-books, product descriptions, or journalistic, newsworthy articles – is to give the important causes of health, wellness, nutrition, and food as medicine the strongest voices and visibility possible with the use of her own writing talents and passion.

Adrian’s numerous freelance writing clients (both now and in the past) include Emerald Kingdom GreenhousePrimal Herb LLC, Paradise Herbs, New Food Economy, Natural Health SherpaRegenisFoodUndressed!/Eva McLaurin, Ask the Experts LLC, the International Association of Wellness Professionals, and more – whether as an SEO-strategized article writer, freelance journalist, copywriter/content freelance writer, blogger, WordPress content manager and formatter, social media content writer, contributing editor, e-book ghostwriter, product description writer, technical writer, or contributor of professional educational content on health subjects.

Adrian White is a certified herbalist since 2012 through two programs, and an organic farmer since 2009. She is owner of Deer Nation Herbs and Jupiter Ridge Farm.

Visit my portfolio page – or feel free to view my portfolios and/or hire me through Upwork or Contently.

Email her at wordcraft88@gmail.com.

Harvested Beets | Jupiter Ridge Farm

As an avid self-starter, I have pieced together my freelancer career from scratch, quickly constructing a stellar portfolio and working my way up the ranks on sheer talent and work ethic alone.

During my first year as a freelance writer, I was rapidly promoted to the position of supervising writer with my first long-time client, a relationship that lasted 3 years and with whom I still remain connected to on good terms today (reference provided if requested).

Similarly, my first position working as an on-going contributing writer for editorial food and gardening blogs saw me rapidly promoted and trained to the position of contributing editor within the year.

Writing doesn’t just require excellent grammar and a grasp of good language: it also demands intuition. My many clients note my ability to put myself in their shoes, taking practically no time to see and understand exactly what clients are striving to materialize through written word, and how to market that to their readers.

Like what you’re reading? Hire Adrian today – email her at wordcraft88@gmail.com. 

Or, visit her portfolio page or feel free to view my portfolios and/or hire me through Upwork or Contently.