Jupiter Ridge Farm

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Shiitakes | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Jupiter Ridge Mushrooms and Veg is a farm in the Driftless region of Iowa. The farm produces ethically and sustainably grown gourmet shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs in Garber, Iowa, between Elkader and Guttenberg.

The farm is located atop a 1200-foot high ridge covered with prairie and forest, nestled deep in the bluffs of northeastern Iowa. Farmer William Lorentzen, along with co-farmer, co-owner, and freelance sustainable agriculture writer Adrian White, combine their farming fortes into a surprisingly happy and sustainable whole.

In the past, both Will and Adrian managed Echollective Farm & CSA (Will for 6 years, Adrian for 3) in Mechanicsville north of Iowa City, Iowa. During that time, Will began his own growing initiative specializing in shiitake and oyster mushrooms in 2012, along with an ethical Swine CSA that ran for 3 years. A land opportunity with the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) brought the farm up to northeastern Iowa in late 2016, finally starting its own independent operation on independent land in 2017.

Jupiter Ridge’s shiitake mushrooms are grown on hardwood logs that are ethically and locally sourced. Vegetables and herbs are produced using sustainable and environmentally responsible growing methods, including healthy soil building, cover cropping, crop rotation, compost amending, all-natural fertilizers, and minimal chemical use (save for pesticides allowed in USDA organic certification).

Farm Panorama | Jupiter Ridge Farm

Over the years, Jupiter Ridge’s (formerly Oak Savanna’s) gourmet mushrooms have found their way to many a plate in local restaurants such as ShareBastaPullman Bar and Diner, and Clinton Street Social Club in Iowa City; the Palisades Cafe in Mt. Vernon; Amos Dean’s in Solon, Iowa; and Rawlicious in Cedar Rapids. They have also been available at New Pioneer Co-ops in Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids.

Currently, Jupiter Ridge regularly sells to restaurants including the Map RoomQuarter Barrel Arcade and Brewery, and Lightworks Cafe in Cedar Rapids; the Pepper Sprout and the Food Store in Dubuque; and Schera’s Algerian Bar and Restaurant in Elkader.

The farm also donates produce to non-profits like Feed Iowa First to get healthy, sustainable food to people in need. Jupiter Ridge farm sells its produce and mushrooms direct to consumer at the Downtown Cedar Rapids Farmers Market, the Dubuque Farmers Market, and the Dubuque Winter Farmers Market.

If you would like to get in touch with Jupiter Ridge Mushrooms and Veg to get involved with mushroom or vegetable production, source products, have us supply an event, or if you have any questions, contact us at jupiterridgefarm@gmail.com.

Spinach Leaf | Jupiter Ridge Farm